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Cheshire WI – Social Media Training Day

Social Media Training

It’s not all jam and Jerusalem at The Women’s Institute! After building their website many moons ago, we have kept in close touch with the Cheshire Federation of Women’s Institutes and held several social media training sessions for their Board

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How do you use #hashtags on social media?

How do you use hashtags on social media

Thought Twitter was just another vacuous platform for celebrities to exploit themselves for mere self-promotion? This couldn’t be further from the #truth. Twitter, alongside other social media channels, gives you a ringside seat to current events, up-to-date trends, and subjects

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Is social media important for SEO?

Is social media important for SEO

Is social media important for SEO? You bet. Times are changing and social media is now more critical than ever before for brands, but some entrepreneurs are struggling to fully appreciate the amazing benefits it can have for their business.

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Increase your business Twitter following

When used properly, Twitter can be a powerful business tool. It can help you create leads, promote your branding and build strong connections with potential customers. The trouble is if you have no followers you can’t experience these benefits. Here

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Social Media Authenticity: Why is it important?

social media authenticity

More businesses than ever before are using social media to communicate with their audience and, in turn, sell their products or services. But often, due to social media authenticity issues, these companies are struggling to set the correct tone on

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Is Pokémon GO the next big marketing tool?

If you’ve been on social media over the last week, you’ve unavoidably heard about the new phenomenon Pokémon GO the free mobile game that has skyrocketed to the top of Apple and Android app stores in record time. Millions of

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Small Business Social Media Tips

Social media is now a must for small businesses and should form part of their marketing strategy. If you are a small business and are not currently using social media as part of your marketing plan, it’s time to seriously

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