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Give the people what they want!

customer focused website design

Nah, nothing to do with Brexit, thank God. Today’s article (13th November 2018) on the BBC website detailing Britain’s best and worse online ecommerce websites is an interesting insight into internet users’ requirements and also the standard of service offered

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What has Google Images got to do with bananas?

royalty free images

Along with speed limits and, in the good old days, copying vinyl LPs onto cassette* (showing my age) and burning CDs, downloading images off Google for commercial and personal online projects has to be one of the most universally ignored

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Why do all websites need security?

Why do all websites need security

Why do all websites need security? Online security is deeply entrenched in most regular web users’ psyche. We’re all aware that online scams happen, we’ve all received emails from the nephew of the King of Nigeria who wants to offload

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Leaving the Cyberfrog Pond

Our lovely Jamie is leaving us. Our little tadpole has sprouted legs and after two years as an apprentice, and an invaluable asset to Cyberfrog, she’s hopping off to college and then on to further education. She’s been the backbone

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How long does it take to build a website?

How long does it take to build a website?

One of the (very few) boilerplate sections in our website proposals comes in the Project Management section near the end: “Website projects should be given the time they deserve to achieve the required objectives and provide a good ROI for

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We’ll pay for weakened net neutrality

Net neutrality has been in the mainstream news recently, and rumours of weakened net neutrality, but a lot of people may have missed it (or it just hasn’t registered because it sounds a bit boring), but there are concerning developments

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Facebook launches a new video service

facebook video

If you’re my age you’ll remember a time when there was one TV in the house with only three channels, or maybe four if you dad climbed on the roof to fiddle with the aerial, and everyone in the family

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Decide where you’re going before you start

websites for business growth

Creating websites for business growth. So, what is a website for? This is the first question that any business owner or marketing department should ask when planning their next online presence. Its purpose is key to its success and a

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30 seconds a month – April 2017

Wow, last month seemed to go so quickly! Must have been the Easter break. Here’s our April offering of 30 Seconds a Month which features some our our lovely friends and clients and both. And a smattering of kids during

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