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Is your business ready for mobile?

I came across this interesting set of stats today after an up-to-date search on current mobile usage for websites. We’re all using our smartphones a lot more for social networking but increasingly for general web browsing and ecommerce.

mobile-usageThese projected figures supplied by Statista shows that mobile data traffic is set to increase nearly tenfold in the the next few years. In Western Europe alone, which obviously includes the UK, they anticipate nearly a 700% increase in mobile usage. So, from a business point of view, can your business afford not to embrace responsive design and have a website that is optimised for all devices from internet TVs right down to smartphones? The benefits of responsive design for business websites can be seen elsewhere on this blog but if this set of stats is to be believed now is the time to future-proof your online presence for a seismic shift in how your customers and clients will be using the internet in the next few years. The key is getting ahead of the game, which has already started, to ensure that your website conversions don’t take a nosedive as our browsing habits continue change.

To ensure you’re business ready for mobile,  a responsive website has to be the next step to keep your business relevant and forward-thinking in the eyes of your customers.

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