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Lush bins off its social media

deleting social media

This week, Lush UK has announced that they’re deleting social media channels to focus on more meaningful interactions with their customers. The news has come as a bit of a shock to fans, customers and digital marketers alike. Lush deleting

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10 signs that you need a new website

10 signs you need a new website

Time for a new website? I know, it feels like you’ve only just had it done but already your website is not doing it for you anymore. There’s a direct correlation to how well a business does with how good

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Happy 30th birthday WWW

Happy 30th birthday World Wide Web

Looking back Can you remember the first thing you ever saw on the internet? I can. I distinctly recall seeing images sent back by NASA’s Pathfinder which had just landed on the surface of Mars in July 1997. A friend

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Leaving the Cyberfrog Pond

Our lovely Jamie is leaving us. Our little tadpole has sprouted legs and after two years as an apprentice, and an invaluable asset to Cyberfrog, she’s hopping off to college and then on to further education. She’s been the backbone

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We’ll pay for weakened net neutrality

Net neutrality has been in the mainstream news recently, and rumours of weakened net neutrality, but a lot of people may have missed it (or it just hasn’t registered because it sounds a bit boring), but there are concerning developments

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Facebook launches a new video service

facebook video

If you’re my age you’ll remember a time when there was one TV in the house with only three channels, or maybe four if you dad climbed on the roof to fiddle with the aerial, and everyone in the family

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Flash is dead (Again). Long live the king

flash is dead

Since its slow burning demise starting in 2015, Adobe have finally set the funeral date for the once loved plugin Flash. With numerous hacks and security issues, heavy load times and ever dwindling mobile support (we’re looking at you Apple

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What can we learn from #NuggsForCarter?


Carter is not only using his #NuggsforCarter hashtag to achieve his goal of a year’s worth of his favourite food, he’s using it to highlight and fundraise for local charities very close to his heart. The interaction has even resulted

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Is Square payments a good option?

Is Square payments a good option

Historically, one of the main issues affecting some of our ecommerce clients has been keeping track of stock levels between a bricks-and-mortar shop and an online ecommerce store. Often, much of the stock control and auditing had to be done

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