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Website terminology. What does it all mean?

web design terminology

What’s the difference between web design and web development? And what about UI vs UX? Why are there so many different phrases? If you’re looking to have a website designed, this web design terminology can feel like a foreign language. Here

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Give the people what they want!

customer focused website design

Nah, nothing to do with Brexit, thank God. Today’s article (13th November 2018) on the BBC website detailing Britain’s best and worse online ecommerce websites is an interesting insight into internet users’ requirements and also the standard of service offered

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How long does it take to build a website?

How long does it take to build a website?

One of the (very few) boilerplate sections in our website proposals comes in the Project Management section near the end: “Website projects should be given the time they deserve to achieve the required objectives and provide a good ROI for

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How to increase website sales

How to increase website sales

To secure business online in this fast-paced digital world, simply owning a website isn’t enough anymore. In order to remain the leaders within your industry, businesses need to take extra steps to make a website stands out from the rest.

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What is an SSL certificate?

what is an ssl certificate

What is an SSL certificate? Ever noticed that some website URLs start with http:// while others start with https://? Or perhaps you’ve seen the green little padlock on the left-hand side of the address bar and wondered what it was?

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We’ll pay for weakened net neutrality

Net neutrality has been in the mainstream news recently, and rumours of weakened net neutrality, but a lot of people may have missed it (or it just hasn’t registered because it sounds a bit boring), but there are concerning developments

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Flash is dead (Again). Long live the king

flash is dead

Since its slow burning demise starting in 2015, Adobe have finally set the funeral date for the once loved plugin Flash. With numerous hacks and security issues, heavy load times and ever dwindling mobile support (we’re looking at you Apple

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What is the future for WordPress?

What is the future for WordPress

WordPress was first introduced in 2004 with its first version 0.70. Ever since then with every musician-named update features have been rolling thick and fast. We’ve used WordPress for the last 5 years in creating bespoke websites for local and

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Is virtual reality possible on the web?

Is virtual reality possible on the web

It was only five years ago, when the idea of a Virtual Reality that was truly immersive was out of the scope of casual users. Last week, the Cyberfrog Design office got its first proper taste of Virtual Reality and it

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