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AM Technology

Project brief

AM Technology’s old website was well past its sell-by date and they required something that successfully portrayed their work and unique services. This website was to be, primarily, a point of reference for national and international customers and prospective clients. AM Technology also wanted to share their expertise in research and development in the chemical industry with information in articles, papers and speaking events. Scalability was important as they intended the site to be sued and added to over time.


We knew nothing about the chemical industry! AM Technology is run by really clever people with all sorts of PhDs and higher qualifications – sort of University Challenge on steroids. Part of building a successful site is understanding the company and its products and services and ascertaining the best way to communicate this information to users and website visitors. But we like a challenge so it was back to school to do lots of learning about AM Technology and their offer.


We took a scientific, process-led and systematic approach to the design of the site. Much of AM Technology’s services involve processes so we emulated this concept in the website architecture. Some content is related to other so we grouped information sequentially over several pages to take users through a ‘process’ or a ‘journey’. Content is accompanied by supporting articles and relevant further information along the journey – sort of a linear road with interesting things to see on the way. Design-wise, we went for an impressive and colourful home page with clear, clean and readable internal pages.


AM Technology’s site is a beautiful, functional and user-friendly showcase for the company’s products services and activities. This is a global company and we have created a better representation of the company to its markets and provided a usable tool for AM Technology to actively promote and publicise their work and knowledge sharing. We really love the results but we’re not entirely sure what most of means!

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