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Global business services website


Project brief

Foojit are a worldwide operator and they needed a website that had a global feel. One of the directors had a particular liking for the minimal and clean design of the Apple website. The site needed to be a high-end point of reference for closing business deals and project Foojit as an international company. The written copy needed to successfully communicate software benefits and persuasive arguments as to why businesses and individuals should change their mail practices and adopt Foojit as a solution. In addition, registration processes needed to be integrated into the website.


Key challenges were getting over a convincing sales message to a sceptical audience who already having mailing process in place. In addition, benefits needed to be effectively conveyed: Apple’s website is minimal because they don’t need to tell people how good their products are – they already know.

Also, creating a design for the site that had a global corporate feel was going to be key for its success in order to convince international potential customers to become actual customers. Foojit needed to be seen as a profitable solution for any company anywhere on the planet.


Using animation, plenty of white space and short punchy headings we designed the site to appear minimalistic while actually packing quite a lot of content in there. Using large fonts meant that we had to think carefully about the written content and make it succinct and direct in order to get the message over in as few words as possible. The whole of the written content is about the benefits of Foojit, i.e. it’s about the customer and what they will gain from using it. Almost none of the content is about the company itself. Direct marketing messages.


This is one of our favourite recent sites and the client was delighted with the way the project turned out. The desired minimal and global requirement was achieved and Foojit are now confident pitching their offer to businesses with this resource for credibility rather than their old website. The company is currently in negotiations with various companies in Indonesia and Australia, as well as this country. The website has also been cloned for an Antipodean audience under and Australian domain name.

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