Housing association website

Knowsley Housing Trust

Project brief

Simplicity. This website needed to be a go-to resource for people to use so functionality was of utmost importance. People needed to use the site to find homes, pay rent, request repairs and report anti-social behaviour. The project was split into Phase 1 and Phase 2 with Phase 1 having a drop-dead date for launch due to the old site being taken offline. KHT are owned by First Ark and the work we did for them, again to a strict deadline, on their social investment website put us in a strong position to win the contract for this site.


Keeping the site simple and functional and with enough guidance for visitors was the main focus and the UX for the site was our main concern. We needed to strip away all clutter and elements that would hinder the ‘user journey’ and focus the site around its core functions. An immoveable deadline is always a challenge, especially if it’s short, and projects can sometime throw up unseen obstacles. We had a few ‘unknowns’ around third part integrations and we needed to liaise efficiently with other developers in order to integrate them into the new site.


We based our design around the intended user experience of government websites. Government sites are absolutely nothing to look at and are intended to be super-functional, simple and easy to navigate (sometimes they do fall short). We incorporated big calls to action, employed effective use of whitespace for clarity and ensured that users could easily navigate around the site. The old site had around 190 pages which we consolidated to about 20 by eliminating all the ‘fat’ and unnecessary information. The design colour swatch was generated from existing branding and was effectively used to draw the users’ eyes to navigation elements and instructions.


We built a tool for KHT. Promotion is not this site’s primary purpose but it’s a resource for tenants and future tenants. The new site has been well-received amongst tenants and feedback is that it is much easier to use than the old one and it lends itself particularly well for use on mobile phones. We met the deadline by working closely with Alex and Natalie and Phase 1 was completed ahead of time with Phase 2 currently ongoing.

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