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How do you design a user-friendly website?

How do you design a user-friendly website? There are many factors that work together to make an effective website. One of the main things is user experience, or UX. The quality of user-experience can have a direct effect on how visitors interact with a website, how long they stay and UX can make the difference to whether they leave your site and go to a competitor or are converted and become your customer instead. A website should be a pleasurable and interactive experience for visitors but a poor UX can be a serious barrier to sales and, in the long term, business success.

We’ve put together a list of fifty ‘yes/no’ questions that can give you a rough idea of how user-friendly your website is. It covers things like your home page, content, design, navigation, layout, forms and links.

It’s not exhaustive or a scientific analysis by any means but it does highlight certain things that contribute to a good UX. At the end, with some simple mathematics, you can work out a percentage usability value of your website. You may well be able to identify some things that will improve your website and, you never know, generate more business for you. Give it a go.

Download Usability Test

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