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Ladies fashion ecommerce website

The 8th Sign

Project brief

Falling in line with the fashion industry’s seasons, The 8th Sign required a website that would present their clothing products in a professional, slick and contemporary manner. It was important that the clients’ passion and love for their products came through in the final website and that a strong brand was conveyed through a beautiful looking site. Armed with amazing quality lookbooks and a distinctive logo the site needed to be high-end in appearance and functionality.


There are myriad women’s clothes stores online so making this one stand out from a saturated market was of key importance. Yasmin and Melissa planned to do much off-site promotion and marketing so the website needed to be a worthy destination for those wanting to check out the company. Due to an immovable event, the website needed to be ready in a very short timescale – so how to design and build a slick and industry-impressive ecommerce website in half the usual time?!


The 8th Sign came equipped with stunning images, written content and hi-res logos at the beginning of the project. Having all assets ready from the start rapidly speeds up a project so we had lots of lovely collateral to work with. The main focus of the site is the clothes so we decided to create a super-clean, almost art gallery-like, design that would show off the clothes in the best possible light and draw visitors attention to them rather than being distracted by peripheral clutter. The brand message was also made clear and the copy provided by the clients conveyed their passion and enthusiasm for their brand and the fashion industry.


This is a successful site and takes many thousands of pounds each month in sales. Maintenance is simple and straightforward for The 8th Sign and entire new collections replace old ones every season. Its robust backend and dashboard enable the company to monitor sales, measure revenue and perform online marketing tasks. The site also provides an impressive reference point for associates and acquaintances in the fashion industry.

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