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musical instrument website


Project brief

Aerodrums is a musical instrument that emulates a fully functional drum kit using technology and a computer-based interface. The company, while having a fantastic product, needed a website to properly market Aerodrums as their current online presence wasn’t doing anything for sales. They came to us to help them with online marketing techniques, web design and copywriting, in order to boost online sales and have an effective point-of-reference for customers they meet at events and expos.


Boosting sales is always an unwritten requirement for an ecommerce website. We needed to present ideas in imagery, straplines, CTAs and written copy to properly ‘sell’ Aerodrums’ offer.

One of the main challenges was the functionality of the existing website. Much of the functionality had to remain as it was too intricately intertwined with various offsite platforms. We had to build the site around these immovable elements to ensure they continued to work.


We audited the existing website to see where it was failing. We then planned a userflow and funnel through the site through various key pieces of information that the guys at Aerodrums wanted people to know. This ‘user journey’ extolled the benefits, features and technology of the instrument in order for website visitors to see what they were actually going to get if they bought a set of Aerodrums.

We cloned the existing site and ‘knitted’ the new website’s design and additional functionality in with the existing functionality we needed to retain. After testing, the site was launched as a straight switch with the old one.


The new site has helped Aerodrums increase sales and interest in the instrument. The site holds together well and provides a clear ‘pathway’ through the site for potential customers, ultimately ending up at the ‘Buy Now’ section.

The site is also an impressive point-of-reference for Aerodrums’ event marketing and the company has attracted interest from several high-profile professional drummers. A great endoresemt for an innovative product.

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