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Project brief

There are a few other exam prep websites for the FRCEM qualification but most, in our client’s opinion, fall short. They had very fixed ideas about where the other websites were lacking and set out a very focused and detailed brief for a solution that refreshes the parts that other websites cannot reach. Users should have the ability to access 1000s of past questions from each section of the test, log scores, calculate averages, compile their own tests, take timed mock exams and compare their scores against other users.


This website would have a global market so the website build would need to be robust enough to handle multiple users and to store a vast amount of saved user data. UX and user-friendliness were key considerations in the design of the site, as well as developing ‘a brand’. Adequate hosting was also going to be an issue for planning as bandwidth and resources could potentially be severely stretched once the site went live.


We created a website that was based around an excellent user interface. A main consideration was user retention and recommendation, therefore, we ensured that the website’s UX was slick and intuitive in order to encourage sign-ups and retain users. Membership of this site, potentially, has a short shelf-life if FRCEM candidates pass their exam so we had to consider that users would recommend the site to colleagues. The site has distinctive and individual branding and layout, a robust database system and we opted for scalable cloud hosting to ensure the stability of the site and prevent crashing through high demand and usage.


The website is currently being used worldwide by FRCEM candidates for revision purposes. The site successfully plugs the gaps left by competitors and FRCEM Success have seen a high sign-up rate. On launch, the site featured revision for Part 1 of the FRCEM. Since launch we have integrated revision modules for Part 2 of the exam and Part 3 is to follow soon. A sound business idea combined with lovely design and a slick UX has resulted in this successful website.

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