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This is not a goodbye. It’s a thank you.

Cue very very large violins. It is with great sadness, combined with great happiness and pride, that our B-E-Youdiful Barney is hopping off The Lilypad to pursue new challenges in an exciting new job.

Barney started at Cyberfrog at the beginning of 2015 as a part-time employee whilst still at university. He then did his third-year placement year with us, staying on in his fourth-year part time again, before continuing in a full-time role when he graduated. It’s been a journey.

Barney’s huge brain and his skill and dedication as a developer has meant that Cyberfrog has been able to offer clients some pretty amazing stuff – more than we could have hoped or imagined. He has been massively instrumental in helping the company to become what it has over the past few years and his willingness to take on difficult challenges, new ideas and innovative developments has meant Cyberfrog has been involved with many exciting (and sometimes scary!) projects. We’re forever in his debt.

While we’re losing him, our lovely clients are possibly the biggest losers – they love him to bits and I know they will be sad to see him go. Both Barney and Shauny have been our development and aftercare rocks over the years – utterly dependable, fantastic with clients, totally professional, an absolute joy to spend the days with, and always striving for the best. If anyone needs to see a reference, there it is. But while we have a great new developer, John, starting on Monday to team up with Shauny, Barney’s are going to be big shoes to fill; he says he’s size 11, but they must be a bit Tardis-y.

We all wish Barney all the very best from the bottom of our hearts for his new challenge. We love him all the world and we’re all so much the richer for having him in our lives. Cyberfrog is monumentally grateful for what he’s done for it, he leaves a big hole in our soul, and we gave him a splendid send off last night. However, we ended up in The Coburg like we always do.

But even though he’s going, remember . . . once a king or queen of Cyberfrog, always a king or queen of Cyberfrog.

Cheers, Bernie Vorgerhan. We’ll love you always. X


After reading this blog, one of our loveliest clients, Mark Wilson, who we worked with on a website project for Ronald McDonald House had this to say: “Barney ! Working with you was simply ace. You are patient with geeky dorks beyond anything reasonable. Funny, supportive, brilliant, like having a friend just waiting to bale you out of a horrible mess you yourself have made of yet another magnificent Cyberfrog website. I can only imagine how much you will be missed by the family called Cyberfrog but they are much the better for having you alongside them and us customers, current, and ex, know that the hugely respected Frogs will go from strength to strength working for customers who trust them and see quality and respect in all they do. But Barney you have played a big part in all that, thank you from the customers who like to think we are friends as well. What a guy.”

Thank you, Mark. x

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