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Sue Posted by Sue

Twitter to hide the Tweets of politicians

In a blog post published yesterday, 27.06.19, Twitter has stated that it will start labelling Tweets from world leaders and government officials that are breaking Twitter rules against bullying and abusive behaviour.  Twitter has come under fire from critics for

Richie Posted by Richie

How to cope with difficult clients

In the style of the British Board of Film Classification, this feature ‘contains language’! This blog was inspired by a post I saw in LinkedIn about ‘ways to piss off a freelancer’. It was funny, true, I’ve heard them many

Richie Posted by Richie

How to look after your website post-launch

Websites built with content management systems (CMSs), like WordPress, are known as ‘dynamic’ websites. These are built so you can log in and perform updates to products, services, imagery or add blogs yourself without the need for having to go

Richie Posted by Richie

30 seconds a month – May 2019

Woah! How did we get to the end of May already? Suppose it’s better to be busy than idle. Summer’s fast approaching and now we’re into June, we can safely take off our vests. It’s been a busy old month.

Richie Posted by Richie

Is above the fold still relevant in web design?

My parents’ mate, Bill, has had an incredible life. He’d done loads, been happily married with kids for decades, active in the community and youth groups, travelled all over, adventurous, you get the picture. He mentioned that he quite fancied

Rachel Posted by Rachel

Digital Marketing: Expense or Investment?

The purpose of digital marketing is to help businesses of all sizes make themselves more visible online. It’s the role of companies like ours to lighten the load when it comes to what is expected of businesses within their individual

Richie Posted by Richie

What web hosting do I need?

Choosing the right web hosting is an important consideration to achieving a greasy-quick website and making sure it stays online. All hosting packages are not created equal and the temptation to choose the cheapest is overwhelming, especially for new companies

Shaun Posted by Shaun

Top 5 tips to make your website mobile friendly

With mobile usage ever increasing for website traffic, it’s important that you keep your website mobile friendly.  Even though your site may have been launched to be fully mobile friendly, updates, maintenance and site uploads can knock things skew-wiff. Below

Rachel Posted by Rachel

Instagram to hide the number of likes on posts

In a bid to make the platform less toxic, Instagram have decided to stop showing how many people have liked published posts in response to criticism of the role it plays in damaging people’s mental health and wellbeing. Focussing on

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