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Richie Posted by Richie

How to be more secure online

You might be surprised but the internet can be a dangerous place. Land on the wrong website or click a suspicious link, and you can infect your computer with malicious software that will steal your data and demand a ransom

Rachel Posted by Rachel

Lush bins off its social media

This week, Lush UK has announced that they’re deleting social media channels to focus on more meaningful interactions with their customers. The news has come as a bit of a shock to fans, customers and digital marketers alike. Lush deleting

Richie Posted by Richie

How to write website content

If you’ve built enough websites in your time then it becomes second nature. You get to know what you’re doing, you develop a process, you learn how to do new features of functionality and you end up with a bank

Lina Posted by Lina

What is white space in design?

What is white space in design? White space refers to the space between graphic elements, columns, type and lines in web design. The correct use of white space should provide visual ‘breathing space’ for the eye and transform the design,

Richie Posted by Richie

Goodbye Google+

Tuesday 2nd April 2019 saw the mighty Google finally pull the plug on its failed Google+ social media platform. Originally released in June 2011 as an invitation only platform before opening up to everyone later in the year, G+ has

Richie Posted by Richie

30 seconds a month – March 2019

Spring has sprung, we’ve got the hour and the world is looking a bit brighter and sunnier after the long winter. Have a look at what we’ve been up to in March. Better than Game of Thrones, you don’t have

Richie Posted by Richie

Cyberfrog sponsors Mossley Hill U12s

Cyberfrog Design is the proud new sponsor of Mossley Hill U12s Football Club. The youngest tadpole, Finn, has been playing for the club for nearly five years so it was a real pleasure to be asked to sponsor the boys’

Richie Posted by Richie

10 signs that you need a new website

Time for a new website? I know, it feels like you’ve only just had it done but already your website is not doing it for you anymore. There’s a direct correlation to how well a business does with how good

Rachel Posted by Rachel

Social media polls for business

The old-fashioned way Even before the days of the internet, polls have always been an integral part of marketing. From the humble days of a focus group and telesurveys, incorporating consumer feedback and capturing data has always been a driving

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