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Posted by Richie

30 seconds a month – August 2019

That’s it! Summer’s over and the kids are going back to school. Thank God. Apologies for this month’s 30 Seconds but Rich and Sue somehow feel the need to bore you with some snaps of their holiday with three of

Posted by Richie

Should I choose a bespoke website or a template?

The last blog looked at the difference between the cost of a hiring a web designer and the value that they give. One of the things that can have an influence on cost and value, is whether to choose a

Posted by Richie

What’s the difference between cost and value for web design?

We have lots of enquiries from prospective customers with a wide range of requirements and an even wider range of budgets. Compound these parameters with the fact that, depending who you talk to, web designers can give quotes for the

Posted by Richie

30 seconds a month – July 2019

Heat waves. Flash floods. Zoos. Lovely clients. Rock ‘n’ pop festivals featuring bands at the top of the Hit Parade. It’s been a busy old month down at Cyberfrog Towers. Here’s this month’s offering of 30 seconds. 

Posted by Rachel

The History of Social Media

Back in the day There used to be a world without social media infiltrating every moment of our lives. Remember that?! It seems so long ago that we weren’t spending our days sharing selfies, memes and funny cat pictures but

Posted by Rachel

What’s the future of the creative sector?

We’ve attended the SAE Institute several times now, so it is always a privilege to be asked to talk about our experiences within the creative sector. Recently, Cyberfrog Director, Rich, was asked to participate in a panel discussion to chat

Posted by Richie

30 seconds a month – June 2019

It doesn’t seem that long since we were standing on Queen’s Drive watching the Liverpool FC victory parade. Unbelievable that it was a whole month ago. Life flies by and the relentless onslaught of age rumbles inexorably on! Here’s last

Posted by Sue

Twitter to hide the Tweets of politicians

In a blog post published yesterday, 27.06.19, Twitter has stated that it will start labelling Tweets from world leaders and government officials that are breaking Twitter rules against bullying and abusive behaviour.  Twitter has come under fire from critics for

Posted by Richie

How to cope with difficult clients

In the style of the British Board of Film Classification, this feature ‘contains language’! This blog was inspired by a post I saw in LinkedIn about ‘ways to piss off a freelancer’. It was funny, true, I’ve heard them many

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