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Sue Posted by Sue

Women in tech: International Women’s Day at Cyberfrog

Sue – Director Women in tech: Today is International Women’s Day, a United Nations-backed event which dates to 1975 and positively thrusts women in the spotlight for their social, economic, cultural and political achievements throughout history. Today is a day

Richie Posted by Richie

30 seconds a month – February 2017

Good grief! Time flies and it’s March already! Doesn’t seem that long since we came back after Christmas. Here’s our offering for February so have a look at what we were up to last month?

Rachel Posted by Rachel

Is social media important for SEO?

Is social media important for SEO? You bet. Times are changing and social media is now more critical than ever before for brands, but some entrepreneurs are struggling to fully appreciate the amazing benefits it can have for their business.

Barney Posted by Barney

Is virtual reality possible on the web?

It was only five years ago, when the idea of a Virtual Reality that was truly immersive was out of the scope of casual users. Last week, the Cyberfrog Design office got its first proper taste of Virtual Reality and it

Richie Posted by Richie

30 seconds a month – January 2017

We’re busy bees here at Cyberfrog Design but there’s always time to kick back. So, here it is, one-and-a-half seconds per day.  Why not have a look at what we’ve been up to this last month?

Richie Posted by Richie

How do you design a user-friendly website?

How do you design a user-friendly website? There are many factors that work together to make an effective website. One of the main things is user experience, or UX. The quality of user-experience can have a direct effect on how

Rachel Posted by Rachel

Increase your business Twitter following

When used properly, Twitter can be a powerful business tool. It can help you create leads, promote your branding and build strong connections with potential customers. The trouble is if you have no followers you can’t experience these benefits. Here

Richie Posted by Richie

Tips for a successful website: Part Two

In Part One of this article we looked at important things to consider before you approach a web design company. In this part we take a look at working with the company to make your website a success. Now you’ve

Rachel Posted by Rachel

Social Media Authenticity: Why is it important?

More businesses than ever before are using social media to communicate with their audience and, in turn, sell their products or services. But often, due to social media authenticity issues, these companies are struggling to set the correct tone on

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