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web development liverpool

PH Holt Foundation

This website was quoted at the lower end of the spectrum due to its relatively straightforward set of requirements. The client came to us with existing branding and a document of specific fonts and colour palettes to use. They provided all the written copy already proof-read, supplied all the images and sent everything to us in well-organised labelled folders and documents. What they got for their money was a clean, simple and user-friendly website with a consistent layout throughout.

web development liverpool


In the middle we have BAFTS. This website took longer to develop due to the need for more functionality, user logins with different levels of access, lengthy testing and an intricate page architecture. Written content went through several drafts, there was a good deal of image editing and a lot of support and training was provided for the client. The project also involved a visit to York to develop this moderately complex website constructed to a specific set of client requirements.


This website is at the higher end of things due to the more complicated nature of the job. We had to liase with the parent company in the USA as specific requirements regarding website tracking, monitoring and analytics were requested which required a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ coding. There were several development meetings, numerous copy redrafts, a lot of testing and the website needed to be launched from the company’s premises. This website is an ongoing project and is constantly being reviewed, added to and amended.



How we run successful projects…

Web development Liverpool: The best website projects are the result of good communication. We work together. Having clearly-defined, shared and agreed objectives means that we’re all working towards the same outcome.

We write detailed proposals so you’ll know exactly what you’ll get even before you decide to work with us. When you do, the proposal becomes the scope and brief for the project.

We’ll let you know what information we need from you early on and we’ll agree reasonable and achievable milestones for all of us to ensure that your website is completed and launched on time.

Instalments can make things a lot easier…

The Chancellor tells us that the economy is on the up and business is booming but we realise that laying out for a website can be a bit of a financial sting so we do try and help clients as much as possible. We’re very happy to discuss reasonable monthly instalments for the balance of a finished website.

Alternatively, for a minimal initial deposit (usually around 10% of the quote), you may be interested in paying for your website over 12 or 18 months. The cost if instalments depends on the original quote but it’s a really good way of having a targeted, objective-driven, professional, bespoke website if you’re a start-up company or if your monthly margins are narrow.

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