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Keith Davidson Architects

Project brief

The Keith Davidson Partnership had an existing site that no longer represented the firm in the way that they wanted. With a reputation for being a creative agency, they needed a website that would show creativity and would properly showcase the range of projects undertaken and its capabilities as a firm with a view to expanding its customer base and the contracts obtained. Their site was also very difficult to update and designed for narrower monitors which were prevalent quite a few years ago.

As a progressive and forward-thinking company a fresh and modern design was required where imagery, rather than written content, would ‘do the talking’. The strength of the past projects needed to be the calls-to-action rather than big Call Now! buttons.


The partners at the Keith Davidson Partnership, by their own admission, were looking for help and advice about how to represent themselves online and didn’t know much about web design. They all had lots of ideas, and knew where they wanted to end up, but needed our assistance to realise them. Our main challenge was to create visuals that fell in line with what they envisioned.

In addition, getting a strong message over to website visitors can be difficult when you are using few words. Getting the written content honed and punchy and still saying what you need to say takes some thinking about. Also, creating an effective ‘picture frame’ for imagery was of key importance in order for CGI and photographic imagery to be the star of the show.


We worked closely with the partners and after an initial design we met and discussed amendments. After a couple of iterations we achieved the desired look and feel. Using CGI imagery we developed a bold, almost gallery-like website that ensured visuals were the selling points and subtly supported by lean written content. We ensured that any clutter was removed and that we delivered the firm’s messages in as minimal a way as possible. Use of graceful transitions, tasteful effects and lots of whitespace aimed to achieve the clean, slick and high-end look that the company were after.


There is no fat on this website and the firm was delighted with the outcome. We liaised closely in the final stages of development to make sure that the site was exactly to their liking. The Keith Davidson Partnership now have an impressive and visually stimulating website that they can easily update with new projects and articles. The company is going through a period of expansion and remodelling and this website gives them a beautiful resource with which to support the changes to the business in the near future. This is one of our favourite projects and lovely clients to work with.

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